Armine Twill Silk Scarf 7934-20

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  • Place Of Origin:Turkey
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Cream Ground, Fuchsia, Violet Purple, Green, Coffee and Blue

Made of 100% Silkten using Quality Silk. Weaving is Silk Twill.

Armine Nostalgia Series, with its timeless custom artifacts, appeal to the soul and eye.

Armine Nostalgia Series; It adds beauty to your beauty by equipping you with distinguished artifacts in your invitations, special occasions and daily life.

Armine Nostalgia Series has a unique spirit with its colors and designs and has all the colors that can be combined in your clothes.

Traces of a timeless spirit, the Armine Nostalgia Series, which adapts to all time, irradiates you into an outdated future.


geometric pipe designn Cream Ground, the distinguished Colourlerle come together to meet the eyes.


Take a look at the Armine Nostalgia Series without wasting time, before your favorite colourniz runs out.

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